Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Quick Update

Okay, there was a bunch of good stuff in the paper today that I wanted to comment about but one thing led to another and I just wasn’t able to make it all happen in a way I really wanted to. Now I’m just going to hit some highlights ( but not all of them) in an effort to "not put off for tomorrow what I should do today.

The headline of the local section today reads, “Prosecutor’s misdeeds take spotlight."

The jest of the article is that the defense did some major damage in the Sons/Maxwell case. They produced a note (that was conveniently lost and/or forgotten during the first trail) which states that, “Maxwell had a history of threatening people and cussing at them while on the job…” Adding to their argument, they were also able to present to the jury that the prosecution AND the defense had agreed to tell them that the former District Attorney Stephen Tauzer, “lied and hid evidence.” Then! To top it all off, the defense brought to the stand one of their most creditable witnesses; the next door neighbor of Sons, who stated indubitably that it was Maxwell who was acting crazy and out of control.

The BEST part of the whole article comes when the defense attorney asks if there was EVER an investigation into the prosecution's cover up and after being questioned, ( according to the paper) “District Attorney Ed Jagels told his secretary to tell a reporter…that the Sons case is under a gag order, meaning he is legally forbidden from answering.” BUT, if The Californian is correct, “The case is not (actually) under a gag order.” Hmm…


Sheriff Mack Wimbish is under attack again for his role in the whole “We’ll Kick Your Ass” decal debacle which first began 19 months ago. The attorney for a former Kern County detention officer who was fired for having an “inappropriate relationship with a female inmate and then lying” about it challenged Wimbish’s public honesty regarding his response to the public out cry over Sheriff’s patrol cars sporting the logo, “We’ll kick your ass.” Suffice it to say, Wimbish waffled when asked about his involvement with the logo and came across as whisy-washy to say the least.

Ya’d think these public ‘figures’ would understand one of the basic principals of living in Bakersfield - every body knows every body else’s business. You either have to get it straight or play it straight ‘round here.