Saturday, May 07, 2005

Searching for Sons

There is some really interesting news in the paper today regarding the Bruce Sons case. Even though the case was sent to the jury yesterday, prosecutors are still trying to find Bruce’s stepson Jeremy. He was convicted of second degree murder in the first trial (which makes NO sense to me at all) and was released from CYA in 2002. Since then he is no where to be found. And apparently, authorities are looking high and low for him.

According to The Californian, “A manhunt was launched on April 30 in the southeastern corner of Oklahoma” and that, “State Highway Patrol officers set up roadblocks to inspect each car as it came in and out of the area, flew a helicopter over the area and tracked Jeremy Sons with dogs.” Holy crap! They did all of that to find a guy to who’s testimony probably wouldn’t have helped the prosecution anyway? That’s crazy.

Jeremy was involved in the incident which led to Maxwell’s death and has previously given statements about what happened, but from what I can tell they pretty much corroborate what Bruce has been saying all along.

I don’t know who is to blame in this case, but I do know Sons should NEVER have been convicted of first degree murder. I just hope things work themselves out better this time.