Tuesday, June 14, 2005

And the plot thickens...

I started working on my plan to go to Vegas and watch Chuck play in the national amateur tournament last night. Step number one was to secure lodging. I called my best friend Flo to find out if she is going to be living there by August 19th (that’s the weekend it is held). Luckily, she is (thank God). Now I have a place to stay and I get to see Flo! Yea!

Step number two of my plan was to "let" Chuck tell me that I couldn’t go and act convincingly disappointed. That was easy. Yesterday as we were watching a movie, he suddenly turned and looked at me with a sort of desperate panic and said, “I can’t go to Vegas with you baby. I have to go with my team.” I told him that I understood and I promised not to be mad. I could practically see the stress draining from his veins. Step Two – Check!

Step number three was way easier than I thought it would be. Chuck had told me the reason he would get nervous if I was there was because he wasn’t used to it. I had reasoned with him that it didn’t make sense to say he didn’t like to be watched when there are already dozens of people watching. So step 3 was to go his weekly pool tournaments so he could get used to me being there. Shortly after accepting his request for me not to go to Vegas I said, “I wanna go to your match tonight.” “You do?” he said, “Okay. You can go with me to the match tonight.” Step number three – double check.

Not only did I go, and was he fine, but also I actually made myself useful (shocking – I know) and kept score. Chuck plays for the American Pool-players Association and they got some funky rules. I learned a lot last night. (I’m not nearly as dumb as I look.) Overall everything went great. I ran into an old co-worker and played some pool myself (winning two in a row thank you very much.).

Step four is to try and keep my mouth shut for the next two months, not blow my cover, and make my plans. That and come up with a good disguise. Any suggestions?

And step five? Step five is pulling it off with out a hitch. (Thank God Chuck never reads my blog!)