Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bake for Kids

Check out this fun website I just found. It's Bakersfield history in small, bite size pieces.

1908 - I did not know that Beale Park was our first. Shame on the city for tearing out that pool.

1927 - It's not hard to believe that Meadow's Field was built in the 20's.

1934 - Is it really okay to call them "dirt farmers"? I thought only I did that.

1962 - You can totally tell the Civic was built in the 60's.

1967 - The Plaza was born the same year I was. How cool is that?

1977 - Ah, yes. The day the world almost ended.

2002 - Uh... Is a welcome to Bakersfield sign really a part of history? And if so, where's the Sun, Fun, Stay, Play sign?