Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm Blogging This

While having lunch with my mother today, we got to talkin’ about the local theater scene. All of the sudden, my sweet little silver haired, old-lady mom (whom I shall call Hazel) got her panties in a bunch. She told me she always gets season tickets for the Bakersfield Music Theater, but that this year she hadn’t received the tickets. Hazel added that she also hadn’t received any word from the theater, and she speculated that it’s that good for nothing book burner Chad Vegas’s fault. (Okay – she didn’t really put it that way.)

The deal is, after Vegas was elected to the KHSD board he started stirring up trouble. One of the things he did was bust James Filbrant for using his connections to help the Bakersfield Music Theater use the Harvey auditorium. (Clearly he is a very, very bad man and had to be punished.) Now that there is no auditorium to hold the plays in, the Bakersfield Music Theater is in quite a bind, which is worrisome to my mother cuz she loves the theater.

Sensing I had some good blog material, I grabbed a pen and started to take notes. “No!” she shrieked, “Don’t quote me on your blog! I could get into trouble. Oh dear. I’m going to have watch what I say around you from now on.”

That’s right, Mom. Now you know how I feel.