Thursday, June 02, 2005


There’s an article in the paper today about a dude named Leonard Simental. According to the paper, this guy was charged & acquitted of felony child molestation last year. Last month he was charged with a similar offense, and then the charge was dropped. The very next day, “Five additional counts of the same charge were filed against him.” What’s up with that? Can’t these people make up their minds? Simental’s mother says that her son is innocent and that, “She believes the alleged victims as well as law enforcement, are harassing him as part of a witch hunt.”

Either this guy is the biggest perv in town or he his indeed being hunted. Either way I’d say it’s time for him to move.

Interestingly enough, there’s another article in the paper about a teacher who had the child molestation charges against him dropped. Darryl Stewart, a seven-grade science teacher, was arrested just a few hours after one student told another that he had hugged and kissed her. The SWAT team moved in shortly after hearing the news and drug Stewart away.

Considering the scandal that was caused after all the false molestation cases in the 80’s under Jagels watch, you’d think this city would be a little more careful about accusing people of stuff they’re not really sure about.

Of course it could come in handy. If you really don't like someone you got just accuse them of grabbing your ass and have them locked up.