Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Making Plans, Not Sense

I’m confused. On the front page of today’s paper there’s an article about the possible repositioning of the Father Graces statue. Caltrans is asking the community what they think should be done with the padre when they begin to renovate Hwy 204 sometime in 2008. Then in another article it’s reported that the city wants to take control of Highway 204 from Caltrans so they can build a Hageman “fly over.” The part that confuses me is this; the man who came up with this plan, Jacques LaRochelle, said that “Caltrans’ strict building standards for state highways would make building the flyover impossible.” Does that mean the city of Bakersfield has less strict building standards? Does that mean that this “fly over” which would connect Hageman Road to Golden State Hwy (which isn’t really a highway at all) and carry thousands of drivers each day would be built with shoddy equipment, underpaid employees and half blind managers? What a great idea!

Yet another good reason for me not to move to Rosedale.