Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Bako Zoo

I think it’s sort of funny that the only zoo in Bakersfield, the California Living Museum, or CALM, is full of one-eyed, three legged animals. The paper has an article in the local section today describing how most of the animals living at CALM end up there because they cannot survive on their own. They’ve lived hard lives

CALM currently has six kit foxes, and one of them has only three legs. Another kit fox found recently had his leg amputated and he will be joining the group soon. Interestingly enough, CALM is the only zoo that is allowed to keep kit foxes. They also have a one eyed Bald eagle they call ‘Winkie’. (Just kidding - his name is Spirit.)

Of course not all of the animals at CALM are mangled. The have a lynx-bobcat hybrid that they acquired from some idiot who bought the animal on the internet and smuggled it in. When the cat got sick the dude took him to the vet and the animal was confiscated. $1,500 down the drain. What was he thinking?

I would not want a bobcat in my house. Can you just imagine the SIZE of the litter box?