Thursday, June 16, 2005

Race Fan Review

Apparently someone wrote a letter to the paper recently saying that, “racing fans are generally an illiterate, Bud-stained, Marlboro stinking lot that should be erased from the gene pool.” I don’t know how I missed that one. Needless to say, a few people were offended by his remarks.

In today’s letters section there are several letters written in response. All of them defend race fans as good Americans and “hard working, decent people.” One letter questioned why the man was so against race fans, suggesting that, “I can only assume that at sometime in his miserable existence that a racing fan beat the heck out of him and this is his way of striking back.”

One writer seems to agree a little bit and says, “that may be true, but there are also some very educated, successful and professional people that take a hankering to the beloved sport.” She apparently is not one of them however because she later asks, “leave us hicks alone” and reminds readers that there is still another track around.

“The Bakersfield Speedway, also known by us hicks as "The Okie Bowl.”