Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Long and Not So Winding Roads

There sure has been a lot of news about the local roads lately. Yesterday Robert Price talked about the new “pothole hot line” in his column and there was another article talking about some of the roadwork going on around town. Today there’s an article describing the “poor man’s overlay” going on the northwest’s country roads. I think it’s funny that butt loads of new people move to town and all of the sudden everybody is interested in the condition of our roads.

The best thing about all this is the new “pothole hot line!” Dude, I’m gonna be calling that number every day! “Hey pothole hot line, did you see the one on the corner of 22nd and F Street? Man, it’s a doozy!” The pothole hot line almost didn’t happen though, because the phone number POT-HOLE was already taken. I guess this means there’s going to be a bunch messages from people saying, “Bob? Is that you Bob? Call me back.”

One of the articles warned that city workers have begun oiling around 40 streets a day. (As if no body noticed.) I hate it when they oil the streets and you drive over it and hear that weird sandy sound under the car. But I guess it’s necessary considering the beating our streets get from the sun.

It’s kind of like SPF 55.

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