Friday, July 01, 2005

Just So Ya Know...

I have been teased by some of you for being very prolific. Then, on the other hand, I have also been chided for not posting enough sometimes. I can be a bit flighty I guess. I feel guilty that I don’t post more. I tend to post like crazy, then not at all for several days, and I have received complaints from some of you for doing so. What can I say? I’m sorry! I’m easily distracted.

I hate the fact that there are dozens of news stories I intended to comment on and never did. The stacks of old newspapers piled up on my kitchen table only serve to remind me of all of my failings. Then again - what the hell? This is just a hobby! I have a life, and a job, a son, and a few other ‘distractions’ – what do you expect? Nonetheless, it’s funny to me how this blog, this hobby, this pastime – has turned into such a commitment for me. A commitment I sometimes don’t feel like keeping.

But, then again, I can’t stop. I find myself, late at night, writing, and wanting to say or share things with the somewhat nameless masses that bother to give a crap and read my blog. I don’t always post the stuff I write, but I want you to know – I always want to. Some of you have sent me emails expressing appreciation for what I do. To all of you, I say to you now, were it not for you I probably would have given up.

And the rest of you can suck my butt.