Thursday, June 30, 2005

On the Prowl-er

The cops caught the “Southwest Prowler” yesterday. I was watching the news when they flashed a picture with the name Jerrad Dupree Allen under it and I was all, wow – he looks exactly like the composite drawing of him, then I realized it WAS the composite drawing and gave myself a slap to the forehead.

The story of his capture is sort of exciting. According to the paper, “Around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, the father of a March prowler victim spotted a tan 1985 Dodge Prospector in his neighborhood. He also noticed that the man behind crept into his home, police said.” (Is it just me, or is that sentence confusing? And could this guy have chosen a more suspicious looking vehicle?) Anyway, the man ended up following the dude in the Dodge and called the police on his cell phone. After the cops showed up Allen led them on a short chase then jumped out of his van and ran like crazy. Apparently he’s in pretty good shaped cuz he lost them. Unfortunately Allen is not as bright as he is athletic. He left his drivers license behind when he ditched his van. (Insert Homer Simpson Doh!) Allen was arrested in front of his home early Wednesday morning.

Allen can now enjoy sneaking into other people’s cells and southwest Bakersfield residents can go back to ignoring each other.