Thursday, June 23, 2005


There’s an article in the paper today about a woman whose son bought an old school bus and plans to turn into an RV. Nearly 40 years ago her husband had the same bright idea and he nearly killed his whole family. At least that’s the way Betty remembers it. Betty describes being terrified as the converted bus began to slip “precariously close to a steep drop-off.” (Believe it or not, I have had two similar experiences.) When they eventually returned home from the “vacation” the bus got the axe.

Now Betty’s son is walking in his father’s shoes. According to the article, “He said, ‘Well, I just bought a bus. Can I put it in your backyard’?” What the hell? She should have said, “No you cannot put an old, broken down bus in my backyard – are you crazy?”
But she didn’t, and now she has a luxury hotel for black widows parked next to her bedroom window.

I just hope the son does a better job of fixing up this bus than his father did. He painted the outside army brown, the inside pink, and mounted a few bunk beds. His daughters were so embarrassed to be seen in it, they stayed in the bunks the whole time. (Sounds like sheer torture!)

Betty’s son is motivated by fond memories of working on the bus with his father. He describes the trip they took as “downright fun.” “That bus, we kind of think of it as the Titanic,” he said.

Um, dude, I think there’s a good reason they didn’t build a second Titanic. Think about it.