Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Why is it that crazies who walk around downtown digging soda cans out of trash cans always seem to wake up so early? (I call them crazies cuz they’re not homeless. I think a bunch of them live in the Decatur.) I mean, if I didn’t have a job there’s no way I’d be up at 7:00 am walking around the alleys. I saw no fewer than six just this morning. Don’t these people ever sleep in? Aren’t they hung over? I guess they have to beat each other to the prizes they discover in the dumpsters. The early bird does get the worm after all.

My favorite is the man I call Champ (he never digs through the trash). He’s the one that is always covered head to toe. I’m talking a hat, long sleeves, gloves, and long socks pulled up to his knees. He is quite a sight. Usually I see him jogging around the neighborhood punching the air like a prizefighter. Today he was walking jauntily down the sidewalk carrying a brief case. It was clear he was headed to a very important meeting.

There’s a meeting I don’t think I would mind sitting through.