Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Idiots Are Everywhere!

We have some very sick, sad people in this town. Some of those sick, sad people have been getting their jollies by tormenting the local Red Cross. First they tagged the building, then they broke in and stole the CPR practice dummies, and now they have set fire to the building and destroyed all of their emergency supplies. What kind of sicko does something like that? What the heck are they going to do with CPR practice dummies? What kind of dumb ass burns down the building of the people who help you when your own house burns down? They're idiots!

Speaking of idiots, it appears that Guy Daniel Nieto isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Last Sunday Nieto stabbed Enrique Alba to death when he refused to give him is bicycle. And he did in front of other people! I guess it would be sort of hard not to notice a man getting stabbed in front of a liquor store in BROAD DAY LIGHT! Neito was arrested a short time later at his home. Dude didn't even think to maybe go somewhere else for a while. Alba’s friends are planning a memorial ride tonight from the spot where he was killed to his near by house. (That seems a little weird to me, but okay.)

Another idiot in the news…A Portville man was killed last Saturday after his tire blew out and he continued to drive the car. According to the paper, the tire shredded and fell away and he continued to drive on the rim for another three miles. While trying to maneuver a turn, the car flipped over into a canal and the man drowned. That’s got to go on one of those ‘Stupid things people do to get themselves killed’ lists.

And for the rest of the idiots out there – The Bakersfield Californian published list of “10 Park Rules” that are used at all local parks. Here are a few of the rules: Don’t throw a javelin, don’t ride a unicycle, don’t drive cattle, and last but not least, don’t open the sewer. I can only assume that city officials were having so much trouble with people doing these things and hurting themselves that they were forced to out law such behavior.