Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Foiled again

My dear friend and arch enemy Waist High has expressed concern for my well being because I haven’t been posting so much lately. She expressed this concern by asking if I had fallen and couldn’t get up. This was meant to be funny cuz she’s a hoochie mama and is currently cavorting about town with a boy toy, whereas I only engage in adult relationships with grown men.

The thing that is really funny is the claim that she depends on me “too much.” If that is the case then how does she explain the recent comment on her blog claiming that Fresyes was her all time favorite blog? Could it be that she is talking smack? Could it be that she really does love me the most and is trying to goad me into a fight because any attention is better than no attention and she secretly wants to run away with me to the Isle of Lesbos?

Sorry W. H. it ain’t gonna work.