Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

The weather has been exceptionally nice this month. I think nature is trying to make up for the hell she put us through this past summer. Typically Bakersfield has dipped down to bone chilling temperatures by Halloween, making it necessary to wear a heavy coat over my costume.

There were several Halloween party celebrations this weekend and fortunately for all the girls dressed as slutty cops, the temperatures stayed in the warm range. I went as a scrooge and didn’t dress up. I just wasn’t into it this year. It’s interesting to see how many women take the opportunity to dress up as the chance to dress like a hooker. The men, on the other hand, seem to do as little as possible.

The best costume I saw was a dude dressed like Drew Carey. He looked just like him and at first I was all, “Dude! There’s Drew Carey!” Then I remembered I was at Halloween party and it probably wasn’t the real Drew Carey. Duh! He also had a woman with him dressed as Mimi, but she didn’t look as good as Drew did.

So – what are you planning on wearing for Halloween this year?