Friday, October 28, 2005

News Nips

Jury duty is over and I’m back to work, so y’all can quite worrying about when you’re going to get your next Bake Town fix, and Waist High can stop threatening me with bodily harm.

Here’s some quick comments on some of the news lately.


Sons is going back to trial on Dec. 19 - cuz ya know Christmas time is the perfect time of year to try and convict a man of murder for the fourth time!


Fifteen more people were indicted on charges of fraud yesterday from the Red Cross call center in Bakersfield. That’s in addition to the fifteen that have already been charged. I can just imagine how they thought they were being so slick. ‘Hey! Guess what? You can make up a phony identity and wire disaster funds to yourself! Come on – it’s fun!’



A very daring young woman accidentally killed herself Thursday morning when she wrecked her car after turning off her lights to avoid capture. The 17 year old led police on a high speed car chase through the fields near Delano after she was spotted driving a stolen vehicle.

Her 24 year old male passenger could be heard inside yelling, “Crazy women drivers!”