Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Gun Shots Galore!

Yes, we had another shooting outside another bar in Bakersfield this weekend - just in case anyone had forgotten about our root ‘en, toot ‘en, shoot ‘em up image. This one was outside the Rockin Rodeo, which you have to admit is SO approprié. Two men were treated for gun shot wounds, and the other was arrested, but there really isn’t more information that than.

They were probably arguing over some fine young filly.

Speaking of shootings, I appears one of our Kern County sheriff’s went postal last night. He fired off a couple of shots into the pool (weird choice) after an argument with his wife, then barricaded himself in the house all night while SWAT teams waited patiently outside. He was just recently removed from the house after tear gas was fired inside.

Given his profession, you’d think he woulda seen that one coming.