Monday, December 12, 2005

A little something to tide you over...

The third re-trial of Bruce Sons will not be held in Kern County this time. A judge ruled last week that the trial should be moved to another city because it's pretty obvious everybody and their dog has heard about this case and after TWO hung juries over the past twelve months, it looks like a move might be a good idea. Ding! Ding! Ding! Somebody give this man a prize.


Speaking of trials, if Sons has the never ending trial, Vincent Brother's has the never beginning trial. A judge set the start date for Sep. 11, 2006. That's more than three years after the family he is accused of killing turned up dead. Let's just hope the D.A. doesn't hide evidence in this case too.


There was a brief stand off last Friday when probation officers attempted to serve a warrant. The man said the officers scared him and his family when they pounded on his door and windows, demanding that he come out. I can't say as I blame him seeing as how three of the five sheriff's deputies accused of beating a man to death in custody were released on bail last week. I wouldn't want to get anywhere near the downtown jail either.


The 22nd annual Salvation Army Toy Run and Food Drive cruised down 21st Street and right past my house yesterday morning. Thousands of dude and dudettes on motorcycles cruise downtown to Lord knows where. (I've asked, and searched, and wondered for years about where the Toy Run ends.) Most of them decorate their ride with toys, and bears, and Santa hats. Apparently the new fun thing for the hot rod owners is a horn that sounds like a man whistling at a woman. Either that or I'm a lot hotter than I thought I was.

Here are a few pictures from the parade. (I missed all the motorcycles cuz I was too lazy to go outside in the cold. Then I realized I needed to blog about it.)

If there really is a present THAT BIG inside
that box, some kid is going to crap himself.

I liked this one, but almost didn't get the pic.

I hear the line of motorcycles alone
was over a mile long.

Most of the cars had X-mas decorations.