Monday, December 12, 2005


I apologize for not keeping y’all informed on all the news lately. (Waist High, why don’t you go ahead and get your panties out of your butt now.) I do have a stack of papers from last week with articles I intend to comment on. I even have a witness that saw the stack of papers on my table and heard me say that there was a bunch of stuff I was planning to blog about. Huh, Todd? (btw- I have yet another convert to my famous fish taco fan club.) I can’t help it if sometimes I just get distracted. This weekend, for example, I was very busy crocheting. (I’m practicing for when I get old.) I also went roller skating at Rollerama. Paul and I crashed an 8 year old’s birthday party. I encouraged him to knock the little suckers over while I went for the pizza. That was fun. Then last night I went to Mexicali for dinner and I didn’t even think of Waist High one time.

Take that Waist High!