Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Stealing X-mas

Marylee Shrider has a pretty good article in the paper today. There has been a lot of ugly rip offs going on around town lately. A few weeks ago an elderly couple got into an accident which caused the trunk of their car to pop open. Apparently they had just been Christmas shopping, so a bunch of gifts flew out Some very spontaneous by standers took advantage of the opportunity and helped themselves to the goods. Screw the old people, there were Levi’s at stake.

There was a big article in the paper the other day about a family in Rosedale who had their Christmas decorations destroyed by a band of roving teenage vandals. The woman was heartbroken that her giant inflatable Santa had been popped. Personally, I have to resist the urge to stab those stupid blow up dolls myself, but I still feel bad for her. It is defiantly a super crappy thing to have happen to you.

Shrider also reports in her article that $3,000 worth of Christmas lights were stolen from trees on Chester Ave. I had not heard this news before, but I can’t help but wonder how in the hell that is possible. Three thousand dollars? That’s a lot of lights. How is it possible for one or several people to climb up in the trees and take down all the lights without somebody seeing them? I’m betting they did it in broad day light and everybody just kinda stood around and watched them.

The most recent theft is the craziest of all. Apparently some weirdo stole two baby goats from a children’s petting zoo. What the…? The only reason I can think of for stealing two goats is to give them to a family in Rwanda, but I seriously doubt that’s what these guys have planned. The owners of the goats are hoping whoever took them intends to keep them as pets and “not for Christmas dinner.” I understand that people eat goats, and if I remember correctly I tried a bit of goat when I was in Mexico, but goat for Christmas dinner?

That’s just sad.


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