Friday, November 17, 2006

News Nips

There has actually been a lot going on in the news, and I apologize for not commenting on any of it. There’s just so many other fun thing to talk about; like how to use the crapper in Rome. Did I mention that every where we went in Italy we heard that Gnarls Barkley song “Crazy?” So much so that it nearly did drive us crazy. And now every time I hear that song I think of Italy. Weird.

Sorry – back to the news.


A local sheriff was killed in a car accident this week after some nimrod ran him off the road. His vehicle fell 100 feet down into the canyon. Daniel Willsey is a defense attorney from Montrose who apparently has a little drinking problem. Of course now he has an even bigger problem because it looks like he’s going to be charged with second degree murder.

I guess being a defense attorney could come in handy.


Five local schools were put on lock down Wednesday when a shoot out broke out in Northeast Bakersfield. Police say gang members in two cars began shooting at each other in broad daylight not far from Highland High School. One car ended up ramming into a house. Both were riddled with bullet holes. One of the men arrested is a former South High football star who swears he is not a gang member. He claims it was just “wrong place at the wrong time.”

Then again, where and when is it a good time for a shoot out?


A Lamont man was captured thanks to a composite sketch two weeks after he tried to kidnap a teenage girl. The girl was walking home when the man jumped out of his car and tried to grab her. Before doing that, however, he exposed himself to the girl. I don’t know much about kidnapping, but scaring the crap out of someone before you try and grab them doesn’t seem too smart to me. Two teenage boys that were nearby intervened and the suspect fled.

Now we have one less perv running around town.


There's a lot more going on, like how Bakersfield now has a P.F. Chang's, but that's all I have time to write about right now.