Friday, November 17, 2006

She's Almost Okay

I went to see my beautiful friend Coleen today. I'll give you my take on the whole thing tomorrow, but for now, here is what Coleen had to say (taken from her myspace.)

as u all have read i was stabbed yesterday in my house. a neighbor of mine came and knocked on my door. I was just getting out of the shower and hurried to the door i thought it was an emergency the way he was knocking,and i did not expect it to be him. once i opened the door, "he forced himself into my house, he started to beat me. i tried to run into a room and then he pulled out a knife. He then stabbed me several times,as i tried to fight him off. (believe me i was kicking and hitting). Ten of the stabbings needed staples and stiches. they all on my left side. i have two on my face. which i am seeing a plastic surgeon about on wednesday. the attack continued from the stabbings to another room. i had fought good enough to make him lose the knife. and i ran to get my phone. Then he started to strangle me. At that point i though i was going to die, all i could think was i am either going to die or i am going to pass out. all i could think of was my sisters. so i decided to fake passing out. once i did he thought he had killed me. he then got up walked out the door and slammed it. It was then that i called the cops and the ambulance took me in to the hospital. thank you for all your concerns and prayers. im really happy to be alive.

I'm happy you're alive too lady!