Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Trans Bakersfield

Matildakay’s amusing stories about tranny’s inspired me to share one of my own stories.

When I was college I worked the 6:00 to midnight shift at the Texaco Star Mart on Olive Dr. (Some of you might remember this story about my experience working there.) One night as I was sitting and studying a woman came in and walked toward the beer section. I stood up as she approached and I was surprised to see she had a full beard & mustache. Then I realized that she was a he. This was in October and Halloween was near, but decided to not take a chance and kept my mouth shut. We conducted the transaction in silence, then , just before he left he placed his hand on the counter, proudly showing off his fake fingernails and asked me demurely, “Do you like the feminine look on men?” “Sure,” I stammered, not knowing what else to say. He must have liked my answer because he came in dressed up as woman nearly every weekend after that.

I never worked up the courage to ask him the question that plagued me. If he wanted to look like a woman, why he didn’t he shave his beard off?