Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I cried when I heard that President Ford died. I was surprised by my reaction, because I don’t normally get all blubbery when I heard someone dies unless I have an emotional connection to the person. I guess I have one with President Ford.

Ford is the first president I remember. Johnson was president when I was born, and then of course, there was Nixon, but I was too little to be aware of them. I remember seeing President Ford on TV and I remember liking him. He seemed like a nice father figure I guess. I remember the press making fun of him for tripping and that made me mad. Everybody trips sometimes. I fell down a lot. I didn’t think it was funny to make fun of President Ford.

Seeing President Ford on TV reminded me of happier times. Back when I used to play outside, and explore the world. When the days seemed like they lasted weeks, and a week seemed like it lasted a year.

Rest in Peace Mr. President.