Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Happy Holidays everyone! I hope y’all had a nice Christmas. Mine was quiet. Paul left for Italy Christmas morning and arrived safely in Florence the next day. I know - two trips to Italy in less than six months? The kid is spoiled. He’s earned it though; he’s had a really tough schedule this year and he’s getting good grades. And he had to save all his money to spend there. We just bought him the plane ticket.

I’ve been enjoying meeting new people and running into old friends this holiday season. On Dec. 20th, I drove down to LA to meet a new friend I met through my blog. (Hi Khristy!!) We’ve been chatting via email, and she invited me to come and stay with her. She even trusted me with me to the key to her apartment! We had a nice visit, then headed to Hollywood to see The Binges. The lead singer is an old friend and I hadn’t seen his new band before. They put on a really good show. I highly recommend you check them out.

Two days later, Squatcho had their reunion show at Narducci’s. There were SO many people there I hadn’t seen in ages. Everybody agreed it felt like a reunion. And of course it was great seeing Squatcho again. They totally rocked.

Today I went to the preliminary hearing with Colleen. There were about 10 of us there to support her when she had to face the man who tired to kill her for the first time. The whole time she testified he just glared at her. It was really freaky. They determined there was enough evidence and the trial was set for Jan 10th.

This weekend a friend and I are headed to the beach, and then it’s back to work!

I hope y'all have a very Happy New Year!!

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