Friday, January 19, 2007


I’ve been receiving notices in the mail from Medco for years promising that I could save money and time if I used their services. Medco provides pharmacy services through the mail. You send them your prescriptions and they mail you the medicine at a discounted rate. The flier explained that the meds are usually given in three month supplies, so you don’t have to deal with refills as often. Sounded good to me. I asked my physician to write a prescription that I could send to Medco for the two medications I take on regular basis. One is Advair, a twice daily inhaler for asthma, and Tricor, a once daily pill I take to help control my triglycerides. Normally when I go to the pharmacy to get my meds, I pay a $10 co-pay for each. The inhaler only has 60 hits, so that has to be replaced every month, and the Tricor usually has 60 pills, so that lasts 2 months.

Fast forward…. I receive my meds in the mail. The Tricor was in a huge bottle that held 90 pills. Okay – so a 3 month supply and the bill said I owed $0. Right on! The Advair, however had just one inhaler and came with a bill that said I owed $100! What the…? I called Medco and eventually got through to a real person.

I explained my situation to the customer service agent and asked him, “I thought this was supposed to be cheaper. What gives?” He yammered on for awhile about co-pays and three months supplies yadda, yadda, and how I would eventually come out ahead in the end. “But I didn’t get a three month supply of the Advair,” I told him, “I only received a one month supply.” That’s when he went into some spiel about how my doctor wrote the prescription wrong and he only put one when he should have put three. “Okay so, if I get new prescription from my doctor you’ll send me the other two and not charge me right?” I asked. “No,” he said, “that’ll be another $50 because it’s a new prescription.” I hung up.

I was so mad I went straight to my computer and composed a very angry letter to company telling them what had happened and asking them how they can claim to be cheaper when they were charging me $150 for a 3 month supply!! That’s outrageous. I received a reply from the company saying they got an email from me, but it was blank. Oh.My.God. I responded again saying you know damn good and well that email was not blank and explained AGAIN what happened and why I was upset. The response I got was, we’re sorry and thank you for your input. Not once did anyone try to rectify the situation. Not once did any one admit any guilt or negligence. They obviously did not give a rats ass.

The moral of the story? Stay far away from Medco. They’ll rip you off.