Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Brothers' Brother

The Vincent Brothers’ case is not even a week old, but the DA isn’t holding anything back. Monday photos of the dead family were shown in court, causing Brothers to become emotional. (I’m sure his attorney was pleased.) Yesterday they put Brothers’ brother on the stand. The Brothers brothers are one year apart, about the same height and weight, and both have short hair and wear glasses. It’s gotta get a little confusing in that court room.

Vincent visited Melvin Brothers twice in 2003, and both of the visits were unannounced. That’s a little weird isn’t it? Showing up in a different state all – ‘Surprise!! I came to visit.’ It’s especially strange considering the two brothers had not seen each other since 1993 and had barely kept in touch over the phone. hmmmm, It’s also very interesting that Vincent gave Melvin his credit card and told him to use it while he peaced out for a couple of days. According to the paper, Melvin used the card to buy “two movies and some toilet paper from Wal-Mart.” I don’t know why, but that strikes me as funny.

Melvin admitted yesterday that lied to detectives following the murders but says his final testimony was coerced out of him. Melvin says he was threatened and told if he didn’t cough up some info they were going implicate him in the murders too.

I just hope they don’t hide evidence in an effort to prosecute him like they did in the Sons case.