Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Favorite Places

My favorite things post got me to thinking about some of favorite Bakersfield restaurants. Here are my picks. Please feel free to add yours.

Basque food - Benji’s Basque Restaurant. – they have the best soup & pickled tongue in town.

Mexican food - Mexicali – they have the best margaritas in town, oh yeah and the food is good too. Anita’s is also really good if you like more contemporary Mexican and La Mina is great for authentic and affordable food.

Chinese food – Lam’s for food and Bill Lee’s for drinks - they have the best blended Mai Tai ever!!

Random food - Mama Roomba’s – everything is good.

Italian food – this one is a tough call after visiting Italy last summer I know that every thing here is crap. I don’t really have a favorite because I think they’re all pretty good but if had to choose I would say Urichio’s, Joesph’s and Luigi’s.

Japanese food – Tokyo Garden. The only thing I don’t like about this place is the location.

Steak house – KC’s. It is sort of over priced, but I just love the atmosphere.

Ice cream - Dewar’s – why go anywhere else? (And for those of you from out of town it’s pronounced Dah Wars, not Dew Ars.)

Deli food – Luigi’s is the best, but Cesar’s is damn good too.

Did I miss anything?