Friday, February 02, 2007

Freak Streak

A naked man was found hiding on top of an RV last night in Bakersfield. A Rosedale resident noticed Jeremy Edgmon prowling around in his yard, so he called the police. I order to get out of the yard, Jeremy, “tore down a fence and ran into the street, where he tried to hit a person in a car with a tree branch.” (What the...?) From there he went to another house and tore down a gate, then he ran (still naked) into the RV park. The dude obviously has boundary issues.

K-9 units called in to track him found him on top of the RV. When he tried to run for it again he was finally caught. I can’t believe he tried to run from a police dog with his bits-n-pieces all hanging out like that. It looks too much like a chew toy.

Then again, it was really cold last night.