Monday, March 05, 2007

Clue Applause Soundtrack

Here’s a story right out of Greenacres files. An 81 year old man was arrested Sunday after assaulting a police officer. According to the paper, Louis Montgomery’s pig farm has been causing problems in his Rosedale neighborhood for some time now. People have complained about the smell and the flies. Randy Cass lives next door and he wants the pigs to go. At first the Kern County Planning Department said they pigs could stay, then they changed their minds. In the mean time, the whole neighborhood is taking sides.

Sunday morning Montgomery decided to brighten up the block wall he had to build between his neighbor’s yard. Trouble is, he decided to paint the other side of the wall; the one facing his neighbor’s house. To make things worse he painted it with several different colors of paint – you know, just whatever he found lying around. His neighbor Mr. Cass was none too please, so he called the sheriff. (This is where it gets good.)

When the sheriff arrived he found Montgomery sitting on top of the fence holding a five-foot long roller brush. When he asked Montgomery to come down off of the fence, he refused. Then the deputy tried to grab the brush away from Montgomery, and after a brief struggle ended up being bonked on top of the head. That’s when the deputy maced the old coot and called for backup. Montgomery is one tough old bird. It took several officers to drag him off that fence.

Toss in Eva Gabor and you got yourself a sitcom.