Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Not that you care...

but I thought I'd tell y'all I got my hair cut off. Just so you'll still recognize the back of my head.

This is me before I had my hair cut. I don't think I have ever had hair this long before. The only reason it got this long in the first place is because my hair dresser refused to cut it. Not that long hair isn't nice and all, it's just that I'm not into doing hair - probably because I suck at it. Occasionally I'll wash it, but I don't blow dry it, or curl it, or braid it, or any of that crap. Anyway, I was sick of all the hair, so I had it cut off.

This my hair now. Keep in mind it this hair has goop in it, and has been blow dried to death and pressed with some sort of heated contraption. It will never look this way again.

After I was done having my hair cut and I was feeling all good about myself, my dresser told me he had also taken a picture of my butt. I didn't believe him until I saw this picture, which caused me to shriek in horror.

My friend who was also there assured me that it is just the angle and my butt doesn't really look that pathetic, but that didn't stop me from weeping in despair. The hairdresser finally asked me to leave after my incessant wailing began to bother the customers.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment with a gym.