Tuesday, May 29, 2007

People These Days

You know it’s time to worry about the people in your community when the paper publishes an article telling them they “need to cross roads only at street corners and marked crosswalks, and drivers, if they do hit someone, need to stop.” Gee, ya think?

I don’t think it’s all that surprising we’ve had an increase in hit and runs given the population explosion in Bakersfield over the past few years. More drivers equals more drivers who shouldn’t be driving. Period. If you have to be told to stop after you run someone down in the road, you just shouldn’t be driving.

The same goes for the idiots wandering around in the streets. I saw a woman jaywalking on 34th Street the other day with her two teenaged children in tow. When a car slowed down lest run them over, she actually glared at the driver and deliberately slowed her pace. I felt like hitting her myself. Not with the car of course. More of a slap upside the head.

Nice way to teach your children how to cross the street.