Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I was reading a blog earlier about Father’s Day and the silly things they tell us when we’re little. One guy shared this story:

“My dad told me the worst swear word you could possibly say was "Bostonian". It meant "someone who has no private parts." My brother and I used the word until we were teenagers and my father giggled every time we said it, right before he sent us to our rooms.”

That’s too funny. I guess the silliest thing my parents told me was that cows stood in the pools of water to keep their milk cool. Every summer we would drive to Texas to visit relatives and I would see all these cows stranding around in ponds. When I asked why this was the answer I received. I believed it until they finally told me the truth in high school.

What silly things did your father, or mother (or both) tell you?