Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sizemore Doesn't Matter

The story about the famous actor arrested in Bakersfield is really starting to get good. Tom Sizemore is now claiming the meth found in his car belonged to a prostitute named Keisha. According to the paper, Sizemore, “admitted to sleeping with a prostitute while his girlfriend was upstairs in the same home.” He is also quoted as saying, “I’m kind of embarrassed because I consider myself a monogamist.” Apparently his definition of monogamy means sleeping with one woman at a time.

I don’t get how he can say “I’m kind of embarrassed” about any of this. He should be totally humiliated. First he threatens to beat up a hotel clerk, who by the way was told to not check out a room to Sizemore because the thrashed the last one. Then he’s found in possession of meth, which I guess is no big surprise. Now he’s blaming the drugs on a hooker. Oh yeah, they also found a bottle of Viagra prescribed to him, meth pipes and some other various pills. His car was a veritable rolling pharmacy.

If he’s not humiliated he must still be high.