Thursday, June 21, 2007

Paper! Paper! Read all about it!

I went to a local grocery store yesterday and I couldn’t help but notice as I walked in that there was a man a sleep in the corner. I looked over, so as to better understand why a man would be sleeping in the corner of a grocery store, and discovered that he wasn’t really a sleep, he was just lounging there - with his shirt pulled up and his gut hanging out. He seemed about ready to doze off when he saw me looking at him, so he perked up (just a little) and said, “Would you like a paper?” I told him I already had one and proceeded to go about my shopping.

While I shopped I wondered what the good folks at the paper would think of this guy sleeping on the job. I’ve been seeing their booths all over town, always with some poor schlep looking bored and trying to give away papers. I kind of feel sorry for them. It’s got to be hard to try and give away something people either already have or don’t really want. Sometimes I take one just to make them feel better.

They really need to get some more dynamic people to work their booths though. Like maybe a kid with a snap cap and a Brooklyn accent yelling, “Papers! Git yer papers ‘ere!” You know, create a little excitement.

Lord knows a sleeping man with a gut isn’t going to do it.