Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Scott I Knew.

The stories and articles about Scott Sturtevant started shortly after he passed away last month. Slim the Drifter, as he was known, had drifted away from Bakersfield once again, but it was immediately oblivious his spirit has never left this community. I chose not to write about Scott mostly because I didn’t have all the information everyone else seemed to. I didn’t know Scott because of his music, I knew him because of his humor.

It’s hard to say how old I was went I met Scott, but he was a friend of my older brother, so I must have been around 9 years old. I remember he was funny and crazy and he made me laugh. And like my brother, he didn’t seem to mind having a snotty nosed little sister tag along. Not that I hung out with the two much, but it was enough for me to remember him and his name.

Years later as I attended shows in high school, I was surprised when Scott’s name popped up. He didn’t look like the same Scott I had met years ago. He and my brother had fallen out of touch as their lives took different paths, but when I approached Scott and told him who I was, he flashed a great smiled and grabbed me up in a hug. He asked all about my brother and always told me to give him his best. He may have looked scary, but there was still a sweet man inside.

I would run into him now and again over the years. He gave me a CD once to pass along to my brother, which I did. But as time passed I became more concerned. Scott didn’t look good and it was obvious his health was deteriorating. It looks like all the hard living finally caught up to him.

I am impressed and inspired by the other stories and articles I have read since Scott’s passing. I have learned a lot. But none of it changes my memories my brother’s funny friend who took the time to be kind to a little girl.