Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My One And Only

Today is my niece's birthday. (I've written about her before.) I only have one - all the rest of the "grandchildren" are boys. (I don't think any of us mind.) Our boys are great, but our girl child...my one and only niece - she makes up for being the only girl. And then some.

The thing about her that is so amazing is that she was quite literally born with a God Given Talent. From the moment a crayon was first put in her tiny, little fist she has been creating works of art. She is remarkable. She just draws, and sketches, and colors - non stop. Sort of like the rest of us breathe.

I just spent the weekend with her (and the rest of my family) and I was (again) amazed at how good she is and how consistently she draws. If she is not eating, or sleeping, she is drawing. And so fast! It's like watching a machine in motion. She's in a special art college now to learn how to do animation like they do at Pixar. I have NO doubt she will go far. Very, VERY far. I am continuously amazed by her and admire her, not just for her talent, but for who she is. She is so beautiful. Just like her art.

So... Happy Birthday Niece. I guess I don't tell you this enough, but I Love You. Very much.