Friday, September 07, 2007

There's No Dodging a Bullet Around Here.

Here’s one story I neglected to comment on last month although I meant to. Twenty four year old Jesus Sarabia was shot to death on August 27th by 11 peace officers. Collectively they fired off over a hundred rounds. Sarabia was struck 34 times before the hail of bullets came to an end. According to the news today, all 11 officers were cleared in the shooting.

I have no doubt that Sarabia was a bad guy. Good guys don’t run from police and brandish a weapon. But, still… over a hundred shots? Good lord. He must have looked like a bloody lump of Swiss cheese. It’s all very cartoonish. I have no problem with policemen shooting suspects holding weapons. I wouldn’t like that much either. But you’d think after, oh say, a dozen bullets or so, you can pretty much bet that dude isn’t getting up.

Any more than that is just waste of bullets.