Friday, September 07, 2007

Walk The Highway

For those of you who like to chastise me for being mean or bitter when I make fun of people, get your typing fingers ready, cuz I’m about to poop all over what really is a very sweet gesture. According to the paper today, local resident Nathan Staker plans to walk to Anaheim to ask the woman he loves to marry him. The journey is meant to prove his undying love for his paramour. To me it just proves he’s desperate and broke.

Staker acknowledges he doesn’t have the money to drive to Anaheim due to the fact he was recently laid off. (Ooo – he’s a catch!) He doesn’t have money for a ring either. He does, however, have a back pack full of beef jerky and spare pair of socks. Apparently Staker got the idea to walk to Anaheim after his girlfriend told him, “My future husband should do things others wouldn’t do.” Hmmm. That leaves the door kinda wide open don’t you think? Maybe there’s good reason the others don’t do those things.

Whatever her she meant, Staker took it to mean he should walk 135 miles along the highway (which is illegal) to propose to his girlfriend because, according to him, “She is the most smartest and beautiful girl I ever met.”

I just hope she’s smarter than he is.