Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Crabs Anyone?

My brother and sister-in-law had Oscar and me over for a crab fest a couple of weeks ago. They went up to the very most northern tip of California for Christmas and had the good fortune of being able to purchase Dungeness crab right off the boat. They quickly placed the little suckers in some dry ice and raced home. Or at least that’s how I like to picture it.

Anywho – this is Oscar and I before we began pigging out. Right after we lifted the poor things little shells off we found fun, little factoid crab fortunes inside. (Clearly my brother has too much time on his hands.)

After we finished eating we had more fun with the crab shells.

When it was all over with there was nothing but bits and pieces of crab every where and five very full people. It’s a good thing they didn’t invited PETA.

So…. this seems like a good time share a little story with you. Oscar and I stopped into PetSmart during the very busy holiday season to pick up a few necessities for Vera, Chuck, and Dave. As we were leaving we overheard another customer asking the woman at the check out if she had any crickets. Without thinking I responded for her aloud, “Well, I don’t have crickets, but I can give you crabs!” Startled customers stared at us as we walked out laughing our heads off.


Thanks to my big bro and his wife for the crabs!!