Thursday, March 06, 2008

Once Upon a Time

Bakersfield has gotten a whole lot scarier lately. The gang activity has really intensified and seems like there’s a shooting every other day. But after a shoot out with a BPD officer and a known gang member, in which the gang member was killed and the cop lost a leg, the gangs have decided they have had enough. They’ve going to get tough on cops and, according to an anonymous memo, lay aside their gangster differences to come together and ambush a Kern County sheriff. Oh the things that can be accomplished with a little team work!

Seriously though, there is practically a full on war going on around here between the gangs and law enforcement. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be a cop in this town. The memo says they have plans to call in some out of town gangs to help out, then call 911 and kill who ever shows up. How messed up is that? Somebody needs to explain to the gang bangers that best way to deal with the BPD is to lay low and not give them a good reason to shoot at them.

Then we can all live in peace and harmony and blue birds will sing. The End.