Monday, March 10, 2008

I Miss The Couch

So there’s been a rash of kids breaking into empty homes to throw big parties lately. There were two party’s busted last weekend and another one this past Saturday. This news doesn’t upset me too much because I can kind of relate. I wouldn’t have busted into a house to throw a party, but I very well may have attended. Besides, it makes more sense to have a party in an empty house – there’s less stuff to thrash.

I remember going to a party at some kid’s house in Old Stockdale. People were breaking stuff, and spilling stuff, and totally destroying the place. I remember thinking to myself that I would NEVER have a party at my house. My parents would kill me. I marveled at the kids who were brave enough to invite drunken strangers into their homes. Not me man, no way.

But seriously – the weather has been nice lately. I don’t know why these kids don’t go find a nice field somewhere like we used to. There’s nothing quite like getting drunk in the middle of no where and trying to find your way home.

Ah – memories.