Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Welcome to Bake Town

I’ve sort of been on vacation. I didn’t go anywhere, but did I need spend a lot of time on my knees in the yard. My flowerbeds are looking great and my back is killing me. One day last week I took Paul to UCLA to have the rest of his stitches taken out of his eye. That sounds unpleasant doesn’t it? I’m sure it was, but not nearly as unpleasant as the alternative, which is Paul walking around feeling like HE HAS STITCHES IN HIS EYE!

Anyway, on the way home I noticed that the city had replaced the old “Welcome to Bakersfield" (we’re a hole in a wall) sign with a new, fresh sign. I say “fresh” because the new sign sports a pretty little leaf dotting the ‘i’ which I think is meant to direct peoples attention to the trees and away from the brown haze hanging in the air. We’ll see if it works. I also noticed that they elected not to add the “Life as it should be” line to the sign, because I mean, come on – it’s Bakersfield. I still think the slogan should be something more like, “We can’t all be Santa Barbara” or “Because somebody has to live here,” but so far nobody’s listening to me.

For now I’ll just be content that they finally got rid of those ugly signs.