Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Double Doh!

It cracks me up how that Kysor dude was caught in Bakersfield. According the news in Erie, Pennsylvania, a resident enjoying Saunder’s Park Saturday evening overheard him bragging to a group of transients that he was a fugitive who was featured on America’s Most Want. The concerned resident walked over to the near by fire station and told him what he had just heard. They contacted Police and kept and eye on Kysor until they arrived. Doh! Nabbed for having a big, stupid mouth! He tried to weasel out of it and give a fake name, but the cops were able to match him by his tattoos, etc that had been released on his escape warrant.

Sounds like that snake on his chest finally bit him on the ass.


The other fugitive caught last week, Frankie Tucker, killed himself before they could get him home and charge him for molesting his step-daughter for years. Sounds like somebody had a guilty conscious.

Apparently he developed this so called consciousness after raping that little girl.