Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Random Photos

Oscar and I drove down to LA several weeks ago to visit my best friend Flo and her new baby. Baby Flo.

She was just a few weeks old, but Flo said she was already smiling at me.

I kinda think she was pooping in her pants.

On the way home, I made Oscar drive so I could take pictures of the lovely wild flowers.

There weren't any flowers, but the hills were very green and pretty.

My handsome husband ignored me because he knew the flowers were just an excuse to make him drive and man - that dude DOES NOT LIKE TO DRIVE.

I like trying to take pictures of the Grapevine.

Especially the part where you start to head down into the valley.

To see if I can get a good shot of all the crap in the air.

When we got home Rita was very happy to see us.

So she ran across the room and leaped three feet into the air and landed on Oscar's shoulder.

Magill just looked as us and thought, "When are you guys going to ditch that mangy dog?"

The next day we relaxed in the backyard under the trees.

It was a beautiful day.