Friday, May 23, 2008

Don't mind her...she's just tied up right now.

Yet another bizarre story is brewing in Bake Town. Last month a 44 year-old woman, Lora Shine, was found dead, tied up and duct taped. The two men who were with her are James Wyatt, 60, and Justin Ennis, 21. James and Justin each claim the other tied the woman up and swear that when they saw her last she was alive. I guess being tied up and having duct tape over the mouth has a funny way of making people dead sometimes.

The thing that’s really weird is the relationship between these three. James and previously dated Justin’s mother and the two had become friends. Huh. If he dated Justin’s mother 9 years ago that would have mean he was 51 and Justin was 12.

Kinda strange for a grown man to make friends with kid isn’t it? Especially when they apparently liked to drink and get stoned together. Okay Grandpa – act your age!

Anyway, according to Justin they hung out all the time and he had witnessed James tie up Lora before. Who don’t do that? He never indicated if she was into it or not, he just said James tied her up all the time. (Maybe that explains the “off again” spells in their relationship.) He also said he thought James was trying to frame him to get him out of the way so James could go after his girlfriend. Ew! I’m assuming Justin’s girlfriend is somewhere around his age, and that’s just… Ew!

In fact, Justin did a whole lot of talking after he got arrested, going so far as to give an interview from his cell. Apparently he had not yet met with an attorney who undoubtedly would have told him to shut the hell up. He admitted he helped tie the woman up and carry her upstairs, but then professes his innocence in her death by saying, “I know I didn’t kill her. I don’t have a motive to have this (expletive) dead.” I’m assuming the expletive was “bitch” and if so, he doesn’t make a very compelling argument. Obviously he is not versed in the ways of Lincoln-Douglas.

For his part, James is claiming that he is a victim as well. When police arrived he had a broken arm and some other cuts and scraps. He says that Justin was forcing him to stay in the house and he had to jump out of a window to escape.

Whatever dude. This whole story stinks to high heaven.