Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm starting to love Bakersfield more & more!

I love the fact that stuff happens here that you just can’t make up! There I was, watching the local news with my husband, and the next thing we know they’re reporting on a Oildale man who put a bath tub in the tree in his FRONT YARD!! Ray Bishop supposedly (yeah - sure!) put the tub in his tree as a quirky kind of bird bath. But when the temperatures went up recently, he was unable to resist the lure of hanging out (quite literally) in the luxurious tree tub.

When a reporter showed up to interview Ray, as the lounged in his bird-bath-pool-tub, he asked him, “This is not the kind of thing you may see in other parts of Bakersfield…?”

“No,” he responded, straight faced and with a southern drawl, “Well…this IS Oildale.”

The report ended (amongst numerous giggles from the news staff) by adding that many of Ray’s neighbors had also dropped by to make use of the “Oildale Jacuzzi.”

Or, more appropriately, I think - The Daleian-Doughboy.

***UPDATE*** You can catch the video here.