Friday, October 10, 2008

Anybody want a kitty?

Oscar and I were recently adopted by a stray cat. She started hanging out on the porch with our cat Magill and being general nuisance. We’ve caught her a couple of times, but she always manages to escape the box before we can haul her off. We thought she may have a litter of kittens under the house but we didn’t see or hear anything until last weekend. That’s when these little suckers showed up.

Our cat Magill is not at all pleased with the intrusion, but she’s getting on in years now and rather than duke it out with the younger, leaner stray, she has chosen to relocate from the front porch to the backyard. The stray and her kittens have taken over. Keep in mind, Magill once lived in the house but banished herself when we brought home The Dog. Last night was we watched TV Magill peered in at us through the back window, as if to remind us of her miserable plight. A little while later the stray did the same thing. This morning Magill was again staring at us through the window by the back porch. She even came in for a little while, until she caught scent of The Dog, and ran back outside. A short time later the stray did the exact same thing. “That cat keeps on doing everything Magill does,” Oscar said to me over breakfast.

I guess that makes her a Copy Cat.